Yale Digital Deadbolt
  • Touchscreen Keypad

No mechanical buttons, which means no trace of your secret pin code.


  • Pin Code Management

One master pin code, program up to 25 user codes.


  • Wrong code

Incorrect code entry: After 5 unsuccessful attempts at entering, a valid pin code the unit will shut down for 60 seconds and not allow operation.


  • Privacy Function

This feature enabled by the mastercode, restricts all user codes except the master PIN code.


  • Tamper alarm

Audible alarm sounds if attempting to forcibly remove outside lock from door.


  • One Touch Locking

Allows a simple touch of the keypad on your way out to engage the latch


  • Mechanical Key Override

In the event your battery goes flat, a key override will prevent you from being locked out.


  • Low battery Warning

When the battery is low, the status indicator will flash RED. If the battery power is completely lost, use the key override.


  • Voice and visual guides for programming

Voiced guided instructions will help you to program your lock. For added convenience, a light guide will also assist with programming.


  • Communication module

The ZWM-1 Z-Wave communication module allows the SYEDDB/220/NZ Yale Touchscreen Digital Deadbolt to communicate wirelessly and be remotely controlled via a Z-Wave enabled automation system. It simply plugs into the comms port under the battery cover of the lock.


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